YouTube Collaboration Terms


  1. Collaborators will receive 3-4 four outfits for free.

  2. Collaborators will receive a discount code for their subscribers, codes must be included in their video or/and caption. (valid for two months).

  3. Collaborators will receive free shipping.

  4. Collaborators will have to pay for labels to return or exchange items.

  5. Collaborators must leave clickable links to each product in their video description

If collaborators would like more product than the four items included, we offer 15% discount codes on orders for any additional items that will be included in the YouTube Haul (please speak to an ambassador representative about obtaining a code).


Post/Due Dates


YouTube hauls have to be posted BEFORE OR ON the allotted due date. YouTubers usually get a three-week time frame from the date you ordered. You can either work out a new due date or return the product. Please note that we have important due dates for all our collaborations. Failure to meet those due dates will result in permanent ban of any future collaborations with REBDOLLS.


Late Deliveries


Ambassadors must email their program representative if they receive their package less than seven days before the due date. If the package is delivered with less than three days until the due date, the program representatives will extend the due date. 

Rights to Use Images


REBDOLLS reserves the right to use any images/videos submitted for this program by any affiliates for any promotional/advertising purposes regarding the REBDOLLS brand. By accepting these terms and agreeing through signature confirmation on their YouTube Ambassador form, they do hereby authorize REBDOLLS to use their photos for any marketing efforts related to the brand including and not limited by digital and print media.

By signing the official collaboration contract, the collaborator (you) will be accepting these terms listed out. The collaborator will be authorizing REBDOLLS to use any media for marketing/advertising efforts (whether that be digital and/or printed media).

Final Notes


The collaboration will end after the ambassador posts their video onto their accounts. They will not receive new items after this. However, they can always apply again for another YouTube collaboration.