One-Time Collaboration Terms + Conditions “New Arrival Email” Process

You will receive an email from your program representative (on an agreed upon date) which provides the first scoop on the unreleased new arrivals for the upcoming weeks. A representative will provide a direct link to the items so the affiliate can select their items. Once clicked onto the link the affiliates will add their desired outfits to their Wishlist. The affiliate will then click on the email icon that’s in the list and email their representatives their choices. Your selected look must be submitted by the following Monday at 5PM to ensure availability. If your selection is not received by the 5PM deadline- you will not qualify to receive items from that batch of new arrivals and will have to wait for the next round (two weeksHow many items can I pick?

How many items can I pick?

One-time collaborators usually receive one outfit unless otherwise agreed.

**Please Note: 1 item= a dress or, a top & bottom (together).


If any ambassador has any questions regarding sizing, they can ask their program representative. He/she would be happy to help.


REBDOLLS will ship items at absolutely no cost to you. If you'd like to exchange an item please speak with your program representative.


REBDOLLS is not required to repost every ambassador image for any reason. 

Quality Standards

Ambassador images must clearly show details of the garment. This includes pockets, length, and added styling details. Adding color filtering to photos are limited as long as the color of the fabric looks the same as our product listings on our site. Please, limit additional items from other brands. Lastly, the REBDOLLS item must be the center focus of the image. 


If the ambassador would like to make a return, REBDOLLS can send a prepaid return label for convenience. With making a return, the collaboration for that item will be voided. If the ambassador only returned half their items then he/she would still be responsible for posting the items that remain in their possession.

Posts/Due Dates

Posts will be required across social media channels before the agreed upon due date (enclosed in the “new arrivals” email). If an ambassador is unable to post their look/s for any reason before the agreed due date, please contact your program representative. Please note, failure to post by the specific due date will disqualify any ambassador from the ambassador program permanently. 

Please refrain from taking selfies, mirror pictures, and submit high quality images. Insta stories are allowed but won't be considered a post. 

Late Deliveries

If your package comes too late make the allotted deadline (less than three days before the due date) that ambassador will be responsible to notify REBDOLLS. If the package is delivered with less than three days until the due date, the program representatives will extend the due date. 

Tagging/Hash Tagging

All collaborators will be required to tag @REBDOLLS in their photos. As well as, mention us out in their caption (EXAMPLE: “Outfit: @REBDOLLS”). Our required hashtags are as stated: #REBDOLLS #sexyforall.

Rights to Use Images

REBDOLLS reserves the right to use any images submitted for this program by any affiliates for any promotional/advertising purposes regarding the REBDOLLS brand. By accepting these terms and agreeing through signature confirmation on their One Time Collaboration form, they do hereby authorize REBDOLLS to use their photos for any marketing efforts related to the brand including and not limited by digital and print media.


REBDOLLS reserves the right to repost any pictures posted by the affiliate provided that the item(s) are in stock for our customers.  

Final Notes

The collaboration will end after the ambassador posts their final items onto their accounts. Ambassadors can re-apply by emailing the program representative.